Addition of a Donate button

Here at Whimsy Smiles Productions we have several great projects coming down the pipeline in the near future. Not only is our first short to be premiered on the big screen soon, but we are currently in pre-production for “The Arcade” and a pretty impressive music video that is scheduled to begin filming in early 2015. We are also currently working on filming two short documentaries on two celebrated local artists in our home town.

In addition to that, we have just finished the script for a unique stop motion movie that we will begin pre-production on in May. This film, we are hoping to enter into festivals all over the world.

So as you can see, we have a lot going on over here!

With these sorts of exciting prospects ahead of us, it is time for us to consider any avenues we can find to acquire funding for the projects, as the expense for producing them can get a bit steep. In light of that, we are adding a donate button to the page so that any generous soul who would like to help us out as we chase our dreams, has the ability to do so. We are greatly looking forward to providing these venues of information, inspiration and entertainment for you, and would appreciate any donations you feel inclined to give us more than you know!

Thank you for your generosity and your interest in our future and our projects!