Happy New Year!

2021 was a very busy year for us at Whimsy Smiles Productions. We filmed the teaser for our next short film that will be released in collaboration with Northern Sun Entertainment under the umbrella name of White Bridges Films, called “Idag Var en Bra Dag” (Today Was a Good Day).

We spent a good deal of time writing a new feature length horror film with Kristofer Hedstr√∂m, and we also managed to do the principle filming for a commercial we’re working on for our lovely town of Sala, Sweden, to be aired for next Christmas.

And that’s just the film work!

Another great aspect of our business here at Whimsy Smiles Productions is to create events and atmospheres for those events. This year we have had the great privilege of working with our town and Handlingskraft Sala, to organize, decorate and execute a town Halloween Festival and three Christmas Markets in the town square.

As the new year begins, we are now turning our attention on creating some fun and fantastic events in Sala, that will thrill and delight those in the town and tourists alike, by celebrating the wonderful people and businesses in this community.

Additionally, we will begin our funding campaign for “Idag Var en Bra Dag” and hopefully begin principle filming later this year.

We here at Whimsy Smiles Productions want to wish all of you a very happy and healthy New Year!!